TOP Ten Largest Banks of World in 2019

The measure evaluate the bank are on the basis of the Assets which the Banks had. The assets of the bank are invested in the different countries. When we are calculating the assets it should be sum up of all assets for the Bank from the various countries.

  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China :  This Bank was founded in the year 1984 and has more than 460 thousand of working employees. Its has Head Quarter which is located in place Peking it also has more than 70% of this corporation is a government property. This Bank has main office in China and has Total Assets which $4 009 billion. ICBC is world largest and one of the richest bank in the world. This control of total one fifth past of all the banking in China.   Total Assets of $4 009 billion and its capitalization of market totals to $238 billion. 
  2. China Construction Bank Corporation: The creation of CCB was meant for government exchanges and then later it was reconstructed and redeveloped into the bank for commercial transaction. This Bank which has more than 14000 departments all distributed around the world where 372000 employees working in this bank. It has $3 400 billion of assets and has its market capitalization of totals number more than $200 billion. This is Second in this rating and also second by in size Bank of China which is founded in the year 1954 and now it is known as “China Construction Bank”.
  3. Agricultural Bank of China : Total assets of Agricultural Bank of China is sum up for more than $3235 billion and its has market capitalization which makes to $190 billion. This was founded by ABoC in the year 1951 by person Mao Zedong which was to help peasants, collective farms and workers. It Head quarters is located in location Peking and it has more than 24000 representatives spread in the country and as well as abroad. This bank is deep-rooted inside the fiscal and also commercial corporations in China and in whole world.
  4. Bank of China LTD : This company was incorporated in the year 2005 which is by merging of two of the largest banks which was in Japan  and was having in HQ locates in city Osaka. It has Total assets $2991 billion located in then country China. This was previously one of the holding company which was in Japan and has $2,7 trillions of assets this is what it makes this one of the “best” banks in the country in Japan. It is Developed of department network and all over the world allows to MUFG its operation in 40 different number of countries.
  5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group : It has Assets $2780 billion and has its market share capitalization which makes to  $162 billion. Main head quarter in Japan.  It has more than 70% of the company which belongs to the Government of China, and it has its offices in more than about 20 countries abroad. This Bank of China is one of the oldest and one of the most reliable bank in China. It was incorporated in the year 1912 and it is still lead to banking sector.
  6. JPMorgan Chase : This Bank has assets of total $2533 billion and has its market capitalization which is over $3324 billion, which makes this bank one of the most expensive Bank in the world. This is located in USA. JPMorgan Chase has HQ which is located in city New York, Manhattan. It has one of the largest investment making companies in the world. One of the most developing and more popular US banks in sector of financial. This company which was founded in year 2000 during the merging of several others huge banks.
  7. HSBC Holdings plc : It had more than 10 well know  subsidiaries which perform all the possible operations which is inside the sector. The purpose of incorporation of this was to perform mainly exchanges between the country Europe and China, and it still stays of crucial in such a actions. Country in which was Great Britain (England). The London HSBC which is one the largest banks in whole Europe, which has totalling to $2,5 trillion of its total Assets.
  8. BNP Paribas : Its total assets total of $2357 billion and having $73 billion of its market capitalization. BNP Paribas which was mainly founded in year 1999, and currently it tops one of the insurance , fiscal and ratings. This Bank has representatives which are all around the globe and having HQs in , Paris, Geneva and London. The main Country is France.
  9. Bank of America (BoA) : Bank of America has of $2 281 billion assets and which has its market capitalization to $163 billion. BOA is one of the second biggest banks in   This Bank has an widespread range of fiscal incorporated services across the whole country and the places abroad. HQ are locates in City of Charlotte in North Carolina.
  10. Crédit Agricole : One of the largest companies is Crédit Agricole which is in country in France, It is successfully operated and controls many larger parts of the current banking sector across the country. Crédit Agricole is ends to the list of one of the TOP 10 biggest world banks. The Assets of $2117 billion of assets.