How to pay your Council Tax bill?

How to pay your Council Tax bill?

If you want to know the answer on how to pay your council tax bill?. Then Steps you need to follow. Firstly, Register will council for council tax bill. Secondly, fill up the relevant details for payment. Thirdly, pay thru Net Banking/ Debit or credit card. Council Tax is basically a property-based tax charge which is only one bill for each one of household.

Your liability to pay Council Tax is for your current homes if you satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • Resident/owner
  • Resident/tenant
  • Resident
  • Owner of property


You can pay Council tax by following below methods. Taxes payments must always be paid as per the due date. It is paid before due date this will stop taking recovery action, So first register with the authority. You will have customer reference number for your Council Tax. After registration remember the refrence number so that we can quote this number whenever in future it is requirement.

Fill the details council tax

Mainly, On your Council Tax customer reference number. On your banker code and fill your bank account number. You can also set up the Direct debit. Once the bill is send it will direct debit from your bank account. You can set up this method.

Pay online council tax

Major credit/debit cards of American Express and Diners clubs cards excepted for payment. You can also make a payment by using 24 hour Secure Internet Payment website. If you fail to pay two debit payments within one financial year. Then your application will be rejected and cash bill will be issued. Go to your local branch (except HSBC) and pay. Take your bill of Council Tax which need to be paid, select debit payment card and quote your customer reference number.

Problems in paying your Council Tax online?

If you have tried to pay and got a error message as ‘Your customer reference number is not correct’. You can check your balance online easily. If your current balance says £0. Then your Council Tax payments are on the mark.

Standing Order council Tax

You need to set up account details with your bank. Make your payment to City Council tax quoting your council tax customer reference number.

If you have Problems.

You have tried to pay and got your ‘Your customer reference number as incorrect’ message? You can go and check your account balance online at If your balance says £0, you not need to contact us.

Other ways to pay

Bank account

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7683 1111


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