Steps to Check Income Tax Refund Status?

Steps to Check Income Tax Refund Status?

You are eligible for refund only when your Income tax payable is more than your actual tax liability for the Financial year.  Refund from Income tax is given by Income tax department once they process your return. Income tax refund status you can check online by login to the site of Income tax department. We need to check Income tax refund after six months of the filling of Income tax return.

TDS deducted

Excess TDS deducted by the customer which are paying you. According to Section 194J TDS deducted by client or customer is 10% on your basic value of your invoice. Once this get deducted by customer or client is high in generally cases. When you compute the tax payable on financials year you will result that you had paid more tax. This has happen due to excess TDS deducted by the customer/ client. You need claim this amount of TDS from the Income tax department.

File a return to claim Income tax refund.

Filling refund before the due date is important condition claim Income tax refund. Income tax law only allow refund only to those persons or corporate who file income tax returns on time.

Return of Loss

Income tax only allow to carry forward the loses for the next assessment year only if the return is filled on time. Due to loss return you can claim the refund and check the income tax refund status online.

If the employer normally deducts taxes only after considering various documentary proofs which is provided to employer by an employee for instance pertaining such as 80C investments and other deductions. However, in many instances where the employees are not able to give proof for some of investments which is before the end of financial year.

Accordingly, after considering employer will calculate tax liability. However, the benefit of investment which can be claim by the employee on the time of filing his Income tax refund.  As aresults claim of refund due to higher taxes paid.

Some individuals will not come within the bracket of tax at all. There is income that would be less than Rs 2.5 lakhs. Therefore, they are not liable for any taxes. Hence, the taxes should not get deducted on the employee incomes. As a result, they can claim a refund on the cases of excess taxes deducted by the employer.

Finally, In some case there are incidence that the taxpayers will have to pay more Tax. This can happen at the time of Assessment. In the Assessment Income tax Assessing officer decided that your income more than more than the tax paid.  So you need to pay more tax.

How much a refund is liable to taxpayer?

When any taxpayer claims some refund in his income tax refund.  The tax department processes such return. The taxpayer would be receiving an notice or intimation from Central processing commission department under Section 143(1) of Income tax act. This will confirm the amount of refund the income tax taxpayer is liable to receive. Refund can some time as per the return or it could be much higher or lower than. The amount which is claimed in the income tax return. This is the refund amount which the taxpayer would normally receive from income tax department.

Refund which is due after addition from appeal

Sometime the additions which are taken by income tax officer are deleted by appeal income tax authorities. The income tax officer will be an order. Determines the amount of refund due to taxpayer. This is a amount of refund which the person get due to settlement of case.

How to check your Income tax refund status?

Once your Income tax refund is determined. The same amount of refund will be processed by the tax department.

The status of refund can be checked either Income tax site:Click here to check the refund status online.

tax refund status

  1. Put the login ID as PAN Number
  2. Password is the letter which you had fill that the time of registration.
  3. Enter the Captcha code and select login.

tax refund status ONLINE

4. Click on View Returns OR Forms.

5.   Go to Income Tax Returns option against  and Select the option and the select relevant Assessment Year(AY) and click on button Submit.


Once the staus is seen online. YOu can further go and visit to your Jurisdiction Assessing officer ask for the refund. If your officer has given you scurtiny assesment notice. Then you will get refun only in the completion of Assessment. That is only be passing the assessment order the income tax depatment.

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