Where is my tax refund of Federal tax?

Where is my tax refund of Federal tax?

You need to file a return for refund. On the IRS site once you file an electronic return. You will acknowledge the receipt of return filled. Your refund information is available within 24hrs of filled return this is an answer to your question. Where is my tax refund of Federal tax? If you had filled a paper return. You need to give 4 weeks before checking the refund status. This is available on the site.

Before checking where is my tax refund you need to have four things in your hand. In order to get refund.

  1. ITIN or Social security number
  2. Your return filling acknowledgment.
  3. Exact refund amount

When you should call to IRS for status on Where is my tax refund?.

where is my tax refund

Information which is Not Available on Where is my Refund status?

Form 1040X for Amended Tax Return

You will not get information regarding refunds if you file Form 1040X. For amended Income Tax Return for U.S. Individual is not available. Corrected/Amended returns are processed as soon as possible. Normally, it can process in 12 weeks or longer time to process the return. Where’s my Amended Return? the tool provides which will provide the status in Form 1040X as Amended Tax Return for the current year and upto three prior years.

Tax Return Information for Business

For information of federal tax returns refund information than U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040, you can contact toll free number 800-829-4933. Call 267-941-1000. TDD/TTY: 800-829-4059 if your calling outside the U.S.

Refund Information of Prior Year

Where is My Refund Information is the will be for the most recent tax year you have file.

Example: If you had filed your 2013 tax return on 1st January, 2014 and then you had filed 2012 tax return on 1st February, 2014. The information which will be available on Where is My Refund should be for the year 2013 Federal tax return even if you filed your 2012 return after 2013 return.

How much long time will Refund Information will be Available?

U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns who filed before date July 1:

Information for refund will be remain available on the site tab Where’s My Refund? It will be until around the second week or third week in December.

U.S. Individual Income who filled Tax Returns filed on or after July 1:

Refund information will remain available for you throughout the coming year until you file your tax return for a more than current year tax.

If your Tax Refund check was got returned to us as it got undeliverable by Post Office of U.S. Your information of refund will be remain available on site name Where is my tax Refund?. All the year following year until you had file your tax return for a more than tax of current year.

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