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This blog is basically knowing about intelligent finance solution in Myfinancelab site which you are referring to. This site contains all the intelligent finance comparative solution in myfinancelab. Mainly intelligent finance is the intelligent decision about finance to get more money with less cost of financing expenditure. Finance is need of every individual and business. All is available in myfinancelab site has complete solution of and will get you to intelligent finance solution.

What is the meaning of intelligent finance?

Intelligent finance means selecting the finance solution which is low cost. Low cost means that the cost of Interest which is payable to the lender of finance. Lender of finance may me Bank or NBFC company. These Bank or NBFC companies charge interest on the money they finance. Interest is one component of finance other component are the Bank charges these bank charges may be in the form of processing fees. So to minimum charges which we had to spent on getting finance is the smart choice of intelligent finance. These are mention in myfinancelab site as well.

How to reduce Interest Cost in Financing ?

In order to reduce the interest cost which is the major cost in finance. Interest may be monthly,  quarterly or yearly. The monthly interest is debited in Bank account thru ECS every month. It gets debited in the Bank each month. You need to keep the fund in the Bank each month so that the interest does not bounce back.

There is also arrangement of Quarterly interest debit in the Bank account. It this method helps us to get time to arrange the fund in the Bank so that the interest does not get a bounce back. Quarterly debit the bank will help you to arrange the fund. This also reduce the chance of fund getting each month for interest to get debited in Bank. This help business to generate cash for business.

There is also arrangement of Quarterly interest debit in the Bank account. It this method helps us to get time to arrange the fund in the Bank so that the interest does not get a bounce back. Quarterly debit the bank will help you to arrange the fund. This also reduces the chance of fund getting each month for interest to get debited in Bank. This help business to generate cash.

It is very less chance that we can get Cash in our account on the basis of finance getting debited on a yearly basis. This is the arrangement with the Bank that we will pay interest with the principle at year-end.

What is the best method to reduce the Processing fees in getting Finance?

Processing charges are the charges which are charged by the Bank at the time of the loan. Sometimes the bank takes charges promptly. Sometimes they take after disbursement of Loan. Processing charges you need to negotiate with the Bank. Negotiate with the Bank or NBFC to reduce the charges. 

Give the Bank the opportunity that more business will be given by us if the processing charges are reduced by Bank.  Have the influences with the person to whom the charges can be reduced. Get the contact of the person who is the decision-maker can reduce  Processing Charges.

Stamp Duty Charges is also one of the charges which the Bank charge to the customer. This charge is mainly going to Government. Bank pays to the government and the Bank will ask for reimbursement for the client.

How to Select Best Bank for Finance?

Today in this world a lot of option is available for finance. On the basis of interest if we talk about. Cost of finance will become low if we select the finance which is having a low cost of Interest.  Approach the Banks which are charging a very low rate of interest. Mainly Nationalized Bank charges a low rate of interest than the private Banks. Mainly all the bank are offering Interest are govern in RBI or Statutory body. IBR rate is already defined so the Banks follow it.

What do finance majors do?

Finance major or senior of finance go to various Bank with the documents for the Company and approach the Bank for Finance. The bank or Financing company look over the credential of the company and do finance. This is one of the methods of intelligent finance.

How to get immediate Finance?

You need to get ready with all the documents including all your KYC. That is all your government documents related to the company. Your name proofs your address proof which needs to be submitted to bank with the details. The Bank will make the customer ID for the same.

There are different types of a Financing option

  1. Property Finance:-

Getting your home loan is not just going to your bank or just using any broker. Whenever you are buying your home it is possible to get one of the largest expenses you will be incurring in life. That is why we need a market which is leading professional which will guide you through the process is myfinancelab.

The main structure of your loan which we need to set up does not just cater for you in living in your property now, but it will also take into account there is a possibility that you have a chance to turn your property into making an investment in property in the future as you will be building your portfolio.

Mainly your home loan will also need to be giving taking into accounts many of the other factors mainly your cash flow as of now and will be in future. Perhaps planning will be to take some time to have a changing job, baby, may become self-employed, if you want to save yourself against the incidence of future interest rate get rises.

Once you do Intelligent Finance, we will an extensive variety of home loans products which are available. Also skilled will be helping you to work out from the factors that will be important in the structure of your loan to identify which one will best match your unique circumstances.

  • Business Loan:-  

 Businesses many times need loans in order which will help them to expand or in order to cover the funding need during working capital requirement. While most of the lenders arrange for a business loan, there are many times a big differences in what terms will each lender are offering.  

We many a time your existing business banks are not appropriate institution best obtain finance.  In myfianancelab we had provided lenders so that we are able to provide plenty of options only just of your current business banking system. Many of the lenders have a business loan the low-interest rates and this had saved some of the corporate up to 3% per annum of interest.

It is may to really worth for looking as options available which to your business loan needs. Once the Intelligent Finance is done we would be pleased to discuss this with you in comments below.

  • Overdraft

Many businesses may a times require some extra funds in order to help the company with cashflow demands for a day to day basis. Most of the lenders are providing an overdraft facility, there is a big difference between conditions and terms each lender are offering.

We many times it has often found that a person with an existing business banker is not an appropriate institution for their business who obtain an overdraft facility. This is mainly because we need to closely involved in client’s business which means that we apply to a heavier on risk rating as compared to overdraft’s interest rate.

Once we do Intelligent Finance we deal with lenders (including our majors) so we have a range of many options which is beyond your current business banking system. Some of our lenders which we deal with will have you to provide with an overdraft at residential rates of interest.

Conclusion In order to get the correct finance for self and business we need to plan our existing requirement for finance and available option. Intelligent Finance is finance is the finance with a low cost of interest. Mainly you can refer myfinancelab for more options that are available for finance.

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